Wednesday, 24 August 2011


So i typed in "tinyman interview" on google and heres what i came across!

Baby J: So who are the final three then?
Tiny-Man: I, Snazzy and Shy, one of them got me into liking the good tunez (shy)and the other is a bad producer(Snazzy aka Echoman)

Baby J: So what sort of things do you rap about?
Tiny-Man: Everything, I’ll tell u something, I was dreaming about a girl, dreaming about me, dreaming about her, and I writ bout that, anything, but am kind of having problems writing bout love and that.  I’m more of a person that spits truth and I think to the extreme. IN da 1st mixtape it was more of an introduction for me but in number 2 derez more humor. I got some mad barz I record them then think like RAAH DATZ F*ING SICK, and at the end of it all, I weren’t good when I started then I got advice listened 2 other artists then started writing den I got 2 were I was 2 day

Baby J: Do u see yourself working in this type of industry in 10 years time?
Tiny-Man: Yes, but I don't know, whatever happens, happens, but I hope it will u kno

Baby J:  What do u want to become when you leave university?
Tiny-Man: A business man or an engineer a computer engineer, a daddy, a husband but who’s the lucky lady!? I never know, maybe I might own my own studio or act even just don’t kno

Baby J: If u do become successful with this type of career, would you like your son to be part of your business?
Tiny-Man: Hold on a minute I might not even have a son, but yes if I did I'll teach him how to write da barz, and by then I shall be good at producing so it will be like a Lil Romeo and Master P, but am better then Lil Romeo get me tho.

Baby J: Whose you inspiration (Artists wise)?
Tiny-Man: Well first I have 2 be my own inspiration for me two have any, so me. Truthfully, I listened to Jay-z and 50 cent when I was younger and Ruff Ryderz etc. Double S got me writing man and big up 2 captain gunman inspirations

Baby J: Whose you inspiration (Family wise)?
Tiny-Man: Yes my bigger brother and my uncle got me liking different types of music so I have different style, so I've come from different musical backgrounds, I like every kind of music if it’s good I like it

Baby J: What do you listen to these days?
Tiny-Man: These days I listen to Juelz Santana and Grafh

Baby J: Why just them two?
Tiny-Man: The reason why is because I’ve changed my style 2 more cocky and lyrical Juelz and Grafh are very cocky and lyrical so I observe there style and adopt (Not copy!) There also my inspirationz.

Baby J: What advice would you give to someone who wants to make it in life with rapping but doesn’t nowhere to start?
Tiny-Man: I say if u start by listening to other artists and see were there coming from  and come in the game differently coz a lot of people talk bout the same thing and its boring I’d rather be a fox kid watching tv if that’s how the music is 

Baby J: Well were coming to the end of this interview, anything you would like to ask/say to me?
Tiny-Man: Erm.. Yes Baby J, better know the mix-tape coming out soon, u shud watch out 4 sum grimey trackz man like me and Shy’s Mic Check and Snazzy’s solo still but should I have mix-tape 1&2 together or should they be done separate?

Baby J: Yes I would like a free one, I think it should be separate because people should see the one first, and then look forward to the second one
Tiny-Man: True True. Dnt worry b derz a lot of peepz I need 2 give it 2 for free

Baby J: Well Tiny-Man, its time to close the interview, it was nice interviewing you, I hope you mix-tape goes really well, just keep doing what your doing, Bye for now xx
Tiny-Man: Well big up Baby J my Bizzle from day yeh and all da mand dem from south east and south west keep it gutta!! Itz ure friendly neighbourhood Tiny-Man signing out yeh. Hold tight all da ruff boiz and buff gyalz!! Yehh LONDON KEEP IT GANGSTA!!


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