Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Tinyman 4 moods: Review by Zulunatic Badejo

This EP shows a different side of Tinyman to the one we saw in the Nameless EP which he released earlier this year. "4 Moods" is a harsh musical introduction into the mind of this bipolar character created by artist Tinyman. Intelligently juxtaposing lyrical content with the instrumentals to create a mix of emotions for the audience to take in, I believe that artist Tinyman has succeeded not only in presenting a bipolar character to the audience but has been able to create what I would call a bipolar EP.  

In the Intro poem, Ray Jonez attempts to narrate these four moods using binary oppositions "Relevant to the chest slightly centre left, deep, but still beating above the skin". Successfully creating a tension in the listener. Explaining and describing how these four moods, without giving them names, are so different and yet come together to create this one complete person.
Using a beat from the genre Liquid (a fusion of Drum and Base and Jungle) in the first track Nameless, Tinyman presents one part of this character. The exploration of paranoia as a result of drug abuse is illustrated clearly. Lyrically he shows how confused this person is but using the effects of the drugs as an excuse. The title of the track being the same as his last EP raises questions as to whether or not this character he is telling us about is in fact himself.  

In the next track Maybe Today, starts with a message from his girlfriend telling him that their relationship is over as she had caught him cheating but also confessing a secret of her own. Throughout the track he blames her for this problem but in the first verse he starts out suicidal but in the second verse his tone changes and suggests that maybe she should consider suicide and in the third verse he seems to come to a conclusion that murder would appease him more with a very graphic description of deaths which he thinks would suit her. Although he cheated the track concentrates on the betrayal he felt and rather than showing any form of remorse for his actions. 

My personal favourite is Cupids Backlash. Describes a heartless man. Describing his lack of understanding of love and explaining his joys and how he has also had his fair share of Cupids pain. Unique lack of belief/faith in relationships is not a concept that is commonly explored amongst artists in this way.
Positivity breeds happiness as the main phrase repeated in the chorus would make you believe that Building Bridges would be a more positive song. But even with this positive message I found that something was still pushing me towards a negative dragging feeling and I realise that the beat completely juxtaposes the lyrics and concept. The beat is slow, dreary and generally not a happy sounding beat which I thought was once again a brilliant way of subliminally making the listener connect with these 4 separate moods at the same time. Once again I believe Tinyman also had little subliminal links to himself in this song, with references to acting and acting practitioners.
The 4 Moods EP should be listened to with an open mind and readiness to accept a different side of this artist. His dedication to exploring new things and bravery for trying them is commendable. On the whole I think it's a very interesting EP and I'd like to see where Tinyman takes us next. 

Zulunatic Badejo 


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