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Hi Mr Tinyman, thanks for taking the time out to answer some questions. Getting the cliche music questions out of the way, when did you start doing music?
I started MCing in the garage days/early 2000's but it was nothing serious. Everybody wanted to be like So Solid Crew (laughs) but I say I started to take Rap seriously from 2004/05.

Why 'Nameless'?
There are so many reasons why! The E.P is called nameless because I made a song called nameless and at the time I couldnt think of a name so I said "ah let me just call it nameless."

As time went by the true meaning of the title made sense. A lot of people were about to hear me do something they didn't expect me to do as people knew me as a host in raves so to them and those who never knew I could rap or make this kind of music, I was 'nameless'. I stripped away my persona and became neutral and spoke 100% truth. 

You seem to have a neo-soul kind of vibe to your music. What and who would you say are your influences?
At the time of making the E.P I was going through a lot and when I say a lot, I mean good and bad (Laughs). It had a positive effect on me. I was still trying to find my sound and my identity musically for self therapy and all I wanted to do was think out of the box and be different to your average South London Rapper from a council estate. I would listen to many neo soul artists but Eric Roberson, Geno Young, Jill Scott, Foreign Exchange and Erykah Badu. Their music made me wonder off into another zone of happiness no matter what emotion the song portrayed because they represented artistic freedom and realness so I took inspiration from their lyrical freedom and what they talked about. It took me 2 years to find my sound and they contributed to it.

My favourite track of yours has to be D.N.D. What was the concept behind it?
Do Not Disturb hmmm..(thinks) The concept behind the track a story about one of my friends with an obsessive ex girlfriend and some other experiences that I have witnessed that influenced that song. Its also the general concept of 'Do Not Disturb', wanting to leave the past behind and pushing what is acting as a barrier in your present aside. Like imagine you know in your heart your destined for greatness or success? No matter what it is your doing, you know what you want but people that are acting as barriers in what ever way have to be told that's what is behind 'Do Not Disturb.' (smiles)

Any future projects in the works?
I have already started working on a new album/EP. I've already got a few songs recorded and written. It will be the same vibe in terms of concepts and lyrics but more experimental in terms of production and collaborations I've also got the DND video and a few other songs coming soon once uni is out the way for the year. (sighs and laughs)

Where can we find more of your material? - Check that out!

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